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The easiest emailing software, the cheaper of its category

Million Mails Machine is an e-mail mailing list designed to send out personalized messages, manage muliple mailing lists, messages and attachments. The WYSIWYG editor allows you to create personnalized rich-text messages or you can also create text messages. Other features : Importation of mailing list, scheduling, customized fields.

Download MMM in shareware version

Click here to download MMM.

Online Help

Register your MMM version

1) Click upon the button below to register your version for 58 $ or equivalent in other currency. Please fill in the text box with your public key that you'll read in the menu "? - Register" in MMM.
2) You'll receive your private key by e-mail just after your paypal payment.
3) Then, go in the menu "? - Register" in MMM to fill in your private key.

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