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Ennea Gramma : Software to find your Enneagram type easily

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Software features :

Ennea Gramma allows you to discover your enneagram type and to understand it.
The enneagram type shows our child injury and the kind of behaviour we have choosen to protect ourself. The problem is that, as an adult, we keep this behaviour without being able to change it. Your Enneagram type reveals how to change yourself and how to discover a new self-consciousness.

Ennea Gramma :
- Gives you a list of questions to discover your enneagram type.
- Explains how you mentaly work.
- Shows you two changing ways.
- With the core quadrant tool, analyses your bahaviour in situations that cause allergic reactions.

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3) Then, go in the menu "? - Register" in Ennea Gramma to fill in your private key.

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