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"Discover The Secrets To Creating Fast Selling, Profit Packed, Info Products That Sell Like Crazy!". Even If You Hate Writing And Know Nothing About Publishing.

"Easy Ebook Money" is not just another 'Ebook How To' it's a defined road map to making money online. It will show you how to successfully set up and run an information publishing business with practically zero upfront costs.

I've squeezed in every juicy, money making, fact and technique I've discovered about successful online sales and marketing from the last six years into just one book.

In "Easy Ebook Money" you'll read about all the basics - plus the advanced techniques used by today's top Internet Marketing Gurus. Not what they tell you but what they do.

"Easy Ebook Money" will be your "must have" tool, each step of the way, as your new business grows.

Here are just some of the subjects covered:

• Choosing The Right Domain Name

• Selecting The Right Web Host

• Free Software to build your business

• ebook Compiler information

• How To Accept Credit Card Payments

• Design Tricks & sneaky Shortcuts

• How to Write Effective Sales Copy

• Powerful Ideas & Research Sources

• What Sells, When & How much

• Sales Strategy that Will Triple sales

• Search Engine Tactics that Work

• Online & Offline Promotion Tips

You'll even discover how to create information products without writing a word yourself - and no it doesn't involve interviewing people -you can create hot selling profitable ebooks in minutes - sat exactly where you are sat now.
"Easy Ebook Money" differs from the majority of over hyped, rehashed marketing strategy guides you can find on the net because it really delivers.

If you're a seasoned web marketer or a complete newcomer to the Internet you'll find "Easy Ebook Money" contains everything you need to know - All the insider advice, All the tips and Every trick and marketing tactic to propel your business into profit.

Ebook Explosion Subject Material In Brief:

• Ebooks - Discover what they really are about and understand why people want to buy them.

• The Know How: ebook Compilers, Free Software, Resources and Tools.

• Find Out - What types of ebook will generate most sales.

• How To - Create and sell ebooks without actually writing a word yourself.

• How To - Analyse the topics that are the HOTTEST right now And what's coming next.

• How the wrong domain name will destroy your business and how to get it right first time.

• Why some web hosts will kill your sales dead & how to avoid them without spending $$$'s.

• Create a sales web site that will maximise your profits automatically.

• Accepting credit cards without the fuss or cost of a merchant account.

• Marketing tricks that can double your sales volume in minutes.

• Get hundreds of other people to sell your products without spending a penny upfront.

• Use colour psychology to influence your customer's buying decisions.

• "Magic Words" that when added to your sales letter will make people buy.

• Big money pitfalls that can ruin your new business and how to avoid them.

• Create a web site that the search engines will love.

• A little known Pay per Click secret that can save you $$$$'s

• Use no cost viral marketing to create a flood of site traffic.

• Write killer sales copy that almost forces people to buy.

• Closely guarded Resources and Online Tools you need.

• Marketing and software shortcuts that will save you months of work.

If It's So Easy Why Do So Many Ebook Authors Fail?

There are some very important rules that you must follow which will ensure your online business will prosper. Ignore them at your peril. You'll discover these hidden rules to selling information when your read Ebook Explosion. If you want to successfully publish information products and make money doing it you must read this book.

Now while I personally feel "Easy Ebook Money" doesn't need any extra "added value" I know that sometimes additional bonuses can help people decide. So I'm going to give you everything you'll ever need to run your information publishing business all in one go.

As I said earlier - every piece of the puzzle and nothing left out.

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