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Software features :

1+2 is the most accurate numerology software to understand your personality.
- It reveals some aspects of your karma that influence your current life.
- It gives a great number of indications about your character, your aspirations and your aptitudes.
- It makes it possible to check your compatibility with a mate.
- It gives the numerologic tendency tor each month and even each week of the year.

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1) Click upon the button below to register your version for 16 $ US or equivalent in other currency. Please fill in the text box with your public key that you'll read in the menu "? - Register" in 1+2.
2) You'll receive your private key by e-mail just after your paypal payment.
3) Then, go in the menu "? - Register" in 1+2 to fill in your private key.

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Secure payment by PayPal, you can pay by credit card or by Paypal account (not essential).

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